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Adhesive industry challenges
Public date:2018/5/16   Hits:69
Adhesives have made rapid progress in the past decade and have entered a new period of rapid development. However, it will also face some challenges while developing.
1, getting into negative growth. Due to the slowdown in the global economy as a whole, the growth in market demand has slowed down, and the adhesive industry will see a steady increase.
2, the industry consolidation speed. Due to the severe impact of the world financial crisis, increasingly stringent environmental protection regulations and market supervision, and increasingly fierce domestic and international market competition, some small-scale, low-level, heavy-pollution workshops and small-scale enterprises will be closed down and merged.
3, big customers pricing power. Downstream big customers compress costs, and they often directly price upstream products, which makes upstream companies feel more pressure.
4, the industry is increasingly fierce competition. In the face of increasingly slow market demand, competition in the adhesives industry will become more intense in order to capture the market.
5. Environmental regulations. The environment puts forward a very high requirement for the adhesive industry and is also a threshold for the development of the industry.
6, profit compression. Raw material costs and human resource costs continue to rise, while competition leads to further compression of profit margins and the overall profitability of adhesive companies declines.
7, the development of emerging markets. In the limited market of developed countries, adhesive companies are faced with the choice of constantly developing new markets.
8, regional political turmoil. Regional turmoil has led to a decline in sales in some markets, sluggish market demand, and increased investment risks.
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