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Mobile Internet into the adhesive industry development help
Public date:2017/12/12   Hits:400

The rapid development of mobile Internet has now surpassed the traditional Internet and has become the main tool for people to access the Internet. Followed by the continued growth of smart phone users, but also APP development market has been homeopathy broke out. With the rapid development of e-commerce, traditional enterprises have gained tremendous room for growth and are more aware of the urgency of making up for the shortfall. China adhesive industry is an important national industry, with great room for development and potential

Mobile Internet is overwhelming, and the traditional businesses and Internet users daily life most closely, the traditional enterprises in the implementation of the mobile Internet strategy is time to wait, industry experts Li Fenghua grasp the pulse of mobile Internet development, seize the opportunity to achieve adhesive online development model , "China adhesive" client platform came into being.

Li Fenghua is not only the founder of "China Adhesives" platform, but also the chairman of Jianglong Coatings Building Materials Group. Founded in 2008, is located in Jiujiang City Lushan Avenue Yu Jia Hexiang Dongguang Industrial Park. Existing licensing Jianglong white latex adhesive series and other products. Products passed ISO9001: 2000 international quality management system certification authority. Over the years the company "integrity-based" business philosophy, is committed to creating production, research as one of the country's first adhesive production base.

Li Fenghua said that with the development of the national economy and science and technology, adhesives have become an indispensable new type of material in the development of high and new technology. They have been extremely widely used in various sectors of the national economy and related fields in daily life. With the development of China's industry, the field of application of adhesive has been continuously expanded. It has been extended from industries mainly used in wood processing, clothing, light industry, construction and packaging to new energy, machinery manufacturing, aerospace, electronics, transportation, environmental protection Energy saving, medical and health and many other fields, has become an indispensable important chemical product in the national economy and people's life.

In the Internet era, various innovative applications based on the Internet have enabled Li Fenghua to see the application value of adhesives industry in terms of sales channel expansion, precision marketing, brand building and word of mouth communication. The development of mobile Internet clients has become a pioneer in the adhesive industry to enter the mobile Internet marketing. At present, "China Adhesives" platform provides clients with information on new products, activities and promotions in the industry through clients according to the needs of different customers. Through the mobile Internet platform, the adhesive industry not only expanded marketing channels, reduced the cost of publicity, quickly set a market reputation, but also for the development of the industry unite a huge market leadership.

For the challenges of modern production and market competition, Li Fenghua believes that adhesive manufacturers should make use of the mobile Internet to boost their technological innovation capability at the same time, grasp the direction of product adjustment and R & D, vigorously develop hi-tech and environment-friendly adhesive products, and promote the development of domestic adhesives The industry is sustained, rapid and steady development.

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