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Supply and Demand Analysis of China Adhesive Industry
Public date:2017/12/12   Hits:384
In recent years, China's adhesive industry with the social and economic development showed a sustained, rapid and steady development of the situation, adhesive production and sales continued rapid growth. At present, the main domestic adhesive products mainly in the middle and low adhesives, some adhesive products (such as generic products) production capacity has exceeded market demand, the market competition is very fierce.
With the development of new energy, electronics, machinery, automobile, aerospace and other industries, the market demand for high performance and high quality adhesive products is still expanding. The world's leading chemical companies have shifted the relevant production facilities and technologies to China, and occupy a large share of the domestic high-end adhesive market.
According to the "China's Adhesives Industry Production and Marketing Demand and Investment Prediction Analysis Report" released by the Institute, statistics show that in 2014 China's adhesive production was 67.255 million tons, with a demand of 6.499 million tons; in 2015, the domestic production of adhesive was 7.358 million tons, with a demand of 7,135,000 tons.
Institute analyst said that in the past decade, China's adhesive production trend continued to rise, the compound annual growth rate of more than 10%, and adhesive production growth and higher GDP growth rate. It is now the largest adhesive producing country in the world with a continuously expanding industry scale and a promising market.
From the downstream market segments, the current domestic application areas mainly construction, packaging / labeling, woodworking products. The construction / construction / civil engineering / decorative arts and crafts accounted for 28.7% of plastic, packaging and labeling of plastic accounted for 21.1%, carpentry and joinery plastic accounted for 13.8%, transportation of plastic accounted for 7.6%. Therefore, to benefit from the real estate after the cycle, infrastructure, automobiles and other downstream demand rebound, the demand for adhesives will also continue to increase.
According to the information released by China Adhesives and Tape Industry Association, the average annual growth rate of output of adhesive and adhesive tape industry during the "13th Five-Year Plan" period will be about 8%, and will limit some high-pollution and energy-consuming solvent-based tapes Development, focusing on the development of environmentally friendly and functional hot-melt adhesive tape, water-based tape. Efforts to make the industry more high-end products, functional, into the aviation, military, electronics and other fields.
In an era of oversupply of demand economy, the key to business success lies in whether the demand can not be firmly locked and captured when it is not yet formed.
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