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Analysis of Adhesive Industry Competitive Pattern
Adhesives are widely used in various fields of the national economy due to the advantages that they can achieve the connection of the same kind or dissimilar material...[Product detail]
Adhesive industry challenges
Adhesives have made rapid progress in the past decade and have entered a new period of rapid development. However, it will also face some challenges while developing....[Product detail]
Environmentally friendly adhesives have gradually become the mainstream of synthetic adhesives
As China's environmental protection laws become more and more comprehensive and people's awareness of their own health increases, environmentally-friendly adhesives w...[Product detail]
Complex polyurethane adhesives are rapidly evolving as environmentally friendly materials
Polyurethane adhesive is an environmentally friendly adhesive, which is an important part of the currently developing polyurethane resin. It has excellent properties ...[Product detail]
Mobile Internet into the adhesive industry development help
The rapid development of mobile Internet has now surpassed the traditional Internet and has become the main tool for people to access the Internet. Followed by the...[Product detail]
Supply and Demand Analysis of China Adhesive Industry
In recent years, China's adhesive industry with the social and economic development showed a sustained, rapid and steady development of the situation, adhesive produc...[Product detail]
The concept of glue
What is glue? Glue is able to bond two objects of the material. Glue does not exist independently, it must be painted between the two objects in order to play a bond...[Product detail]
The difference between white latex and glue
White latex is a kind of glue. White latex is one of the most widely used, the largest and oldest water-soluble environmentally friendly glue, is a vinyl acetate mon...[Product detail]
What is water-based universal glue
Water-based glue Many friends may be the first time to hear such a word, omnipotent glue in many friends seem to be solvent-based, solvent universal glue appears a l...[Product detail]
What are the adhesive tiles on the sand wall?
In this fast-growing era, people's quality of life has improved, especially in home improvement this piece. In line with this market, home improvement industry more a...[Product detail]
Adhesive industry experts Li Fenghua: Adhesive enterprise marketing change is imperative
"The wine is not afraid of alley deep" era has ended, with the rapid development of the Internet market, the traditional single marketing model for the adhesive in...[Product detail]
Application Status of Adhesive Market
Adhesive Market Application What is the new application of the adhesive industry? Such as anti-corrosion: the ship's steam pipe and more use of aluminum silicate coat...[Product detail]
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